Children of The World

Ashamed, abashed, humbled, and heartbroken I stand with folded hands and beg for forgiveness, oh children of the world.
Forgiveness on behalf of men and women for turning your world into a horrid, bleak arena of our frivolous and senseless feuds 
Forgiveness for our madly indifferent stampede upon your beautiful gardens of cheerful play

Forgiveness for dragging you into our pointless wars, for turning into nightmares your peaceful sleep and your gentle dreams, for terrifying your tender hearts with the thunders of our war machines
Forgiveness for the unforgivable sin of taking away your most precious, your fathers, your mothers, orphaning you and depriving you of a love irreplaceable

Forgiveness for replacing the tender toy in your tiny hands with our rough and greedy tools of harsh labor, tools you could not even hold
For unabashedly stealing those precious years of your childhood, years of God-given right for fun and play

Forgiveness for betraying the sacred trust that you thoughtlessly put in us, trusting blindly we will do the best for you
For not hearing your heart-wrenching, helpless cries through our bickering, our loud and clamorous noise

For not seeing those tears of grieving shining eyes, helpless tears of sorrow so intense it would scorch and burn the ground it fell upon
Forgiveness for not turning deaf by the thunderous growls of your hunger on sleepless nights
For burying your impeccable smile under the blank and worn out look of your tired face and your lifeless gaze

Forgive us, forgive us, forgive………

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